This archive includes a church history.

Parish Histories

Township of Seneca History (1967)

After the end of the 2nd World War, many of the immigrants to the country were of Dutch descent, and many of them settled in the County of Haldimand. Their first church was built at Jarvis, and when that one became overcrowded at services, two other churches were established, one at York and one at Dunnville. The Public School building at York was purchased from the municipality when York Public School was taken into the Central School system.

The newly formed congregation consisted of 23 families, and the first pastor, Rev. G.J. Hoytema served both the York and Dunnville churches. During his ministry an extension was built on to the building consisting of  a kitchen, a hall and three meeting rooms. In 1964 Rev. Hoytema became full time minister for the York Church alone, and when he retired in 1966 there were 53 families on the roll. There is also a very active and large Sunday School which plays a very important role in church life.

The “name” of this church has a special significance to its adherents. “Christian” identified them as belonging to Jesus Christ and as serving Him by proclaiming salvation through faith in Him alone. “Reformed” marks them as belonging to the tradition of the Protestant Reformation; they accept the Bible as the only rule for faith and life since they believe it to be God’s infallible Word to mankind. “Church” unites them to the holy universal church, the body of Christ, and calls them to be His imitators in work and witness.

There are a number of active organizations in the church and one of these is the Dutch Ladies Society consisting of the older ladies who speak their own tongue at the meetings. The English Ladies’ Society is composed of the younger women who speak English at their meetings. Meetings are held every two weeks and both work for the betterment of their church.

Other societies of the church include a Young People’s group, a Dutch Men’s Society, a Cadet Club for boys, and a Calvinette Club for girls, a Young Married Couples Club and a Young Men’s Bible Study Group.

The Church boasts a very fine library of which Mrs. H. Bakker is librarian.