Poetry- Eva Coles

Eva E. Coles (1904 - 1992) often signed her name as "Miss Eva A. Coles." Though she never married, she wrote beautiful poetry about love, marriage, and romance. 

Of Life Apart

Keep your dreams, everyone needs them,
To pin their hopes upon,
To sketch, and plan, incentives add
Or e'en to meditate on.

Keep your dreams, they'll lend enchantment,
To the darkest hour of night,
Glimpse the stardust they can scatter -
Tho; they are concealed from sight.
Keep your dreams, those timeless moments,
That can a challenge be,
They're the gold threads that are woven,
In and out of our destiny.

Midsummer Days (1976)

Hum a few notes, or sing a song,
Midsummer now has come along,
But all too soon she will be gone,
Tho' memories will be lingering on.

Heat will dominate some days,
And cause the temperatures to raise,
Cars will too ;long highways spin,
And happy will be the ones within.

They're off to camp- or to see the Games,
(As our Dominion hosts the same)
Much preparation has taken place,
For the Olympic Games aren't commonplace.

Storms, of course, there will be too,
Ere these midsummer days are thru
But still we do not need sensations,
So let's unite, and welcome all nations.

A Good Sport (1984)

In High School he was much too small,
On the football team to play,
Too fat to run, no acrobat
Could he try to assay;
Baseball for him was just too much,
(That bump was not from knowledge)
And yet he tries his very best,
To fill a niche in college.

Sweet Valentine (1976)

I dreamed of you my Valentine,
And I though I asked you to be mine.
For you along now turn me on -
Am I forgotten once I'm gone?

I've longed for you day after day,
To let me know in your own way,
That in your heart I hold a place,
That no one else can e'er efface.

There comes a time for each, and all,
(A special day that they recall)
When gifts and flowers play a part,
In saying who is their sweetheart.

The Politician

He hadn't patience with those who tried,
To advise him what to do,
No human weakness would he allow,
To hinder him from seeing thru,
The role in life he'd chosen,
A politician he would be,
And would dictate to the people-
Who had once thought they were free.

Humility he wouldn't show,
For ruthlessness its own price sets,
Why should he seek to compromise,
Or worry o'er the country's debts-
But first impressions do wear 'way,
When disillusionment takes place,
And the politician may well find,
That he again voters must face.


Who wouldn't have reflections to keep,
Of things once done, and shared,
Of laughter, the sheer joy of living,
And the chance to show we cared.

Magic moments some might call them,
These reflections of the mind,
When life itself seemed oh so simple-
The pace was slower for mankind.

And altho' time's stepped up its tempo,
With the passing of the years,
It still sees that our reflections,
Spell for us more joys than tears.

The Query (1976)

Who am I to argue,
That life isn't just a song,
A time for making money,
For joining the merry throng;
That it's better to keep silent,
(For words can't be recalled)
That nature was created,
To keep the world enthralled.

Who am I to argue,
We're not prisoners of fate,
That strikes aren't a form of protest,
Or unemployment will abate,
That the specter of inflation,
Could be curbed if only they,
Knew the right procedure,
In Ottawa today.

Who am I to argue,
That windmills aren't a source
Of power, or that Democracy,
Adheres to the people's voice;
That the framework of a happy home,
Needs a foundation strong,
Built of love, trust, and faith,
-That statistics can't be wrong.

Summer's Interlude

As distant as the stars above,
Had been the chance I'd fall in love,
And then you came,
The glint of sunshine on your hair,
Had caught my eyes, amde me aware,
Things weren't the same.

The sparkle in your bright blue eyes,
Your instant smile made me realize,
'Twas but a game;
Your chatter 'bout this thing and that,
Sounded rehearsed and just too pat;
But who could blame!

Could it be but a summer's trent,
(Before vacation time should end)
To stake a claim;
To add a victim to your list,
'Less one could your charms resist,
And douse the flame.