The Union Between Father & Son

A young mother lost her husband and became the single mother to her two-year-old son. Her future looked grim because she was worried about paying the bills. She could not find her insurance policy and would soon have to declare bankruptcy to make ends meet.

While working long hours behind the bar at the Union Hotel (currently Hammer Hogs) her son spent most of his time playing in the kitchen. After his father died, the boy began scribbling on scraps of newspaper. The cook called her attention to the unusual drawings, which resembled shorthand but neither understood the form of writing.

One day a stenographer was travelling through Caledonia and happened upon the strange writing while checking-in to the hotel. Since he studied shorthand, he was able to read that the simple message contained a special name the child's father called his wife. Then, a startling truth was revealed: The family’s important documents, bonds, and insurance policy could be found at a bank in Hamilton. Later the documents were recovered and saved the young woman from financial ruin.

One stranger thing was that the woman's husband was once a stenographer. The mother could not explain how her two-year-old son received the lifesaving information but accepted it as a message from beyond the grave!