Aunt Gladys

The concert hall of Caledonia's Opera House gleamed from floor to ceiling. The oak paneling shone in the sunlight which was sparkling through the window glass. Large circular tables had been covered with soft, cream-coloured cloths, polished silverware, and the finest crystal pitchers and glasses. A party of grand proportions had been planned to celebrate Gladys Hansen's sixtieth birthday.

         Every relation for miles had been invited, and much fuss had gone into planning each and every detail. As guests started to arrive a servant called from Aunt Gladys' house, revealing that she had taken ill and would not make it to the party. The family decided, rather than letting their efforts go to waste, that they would simply hold the party in honour of their aunt.

         One of the guests had been looking out onto the street through a large window when she saw Aunt Gladys walking across the street towards the opera house. Other guests came to look out onto the street too, but Aunt Gladys just stared up at them, smiled, and walked away.

         At that very moment the servant returned from Aunt Gladys' house saying that she had passed away that afternoon. The moment of her death had been when she looked up at her guests. Aunt Gladys had come to the party after all.